Ridge-i TEAM

Aaron Bell エンジニア

A Ph.D. course graduate of the University of Tokyo, Aaron researched interstellar medium astrophysics—- how the gas and dust in our galaxy evolves.
This involved large-scale image processing and statistical analysis of “all-sky surveys”, maps of the night sky created by space telescopes.
As a secondary research topic, Aaron worked studied the potential for life to exist on other planets as part of the NASA Frontier Development Lab, an intense “think-tank” style research accelerator program combining scientific domain knowledge with machine learning expertise.
This project involved large-scale parallel simulations of exoplanets, in collaboration with partners at NASA, NVIDIA, and Google Cloud.
At Ridge-i, Aaron applies this intense team-working experience and scientific intuition to extremely tough industrial engineering problems, seeking the positive impacts that machine learning can have on our world.
Aaron joined Ridge-i after carefully searching for a challenging but fun team-based work environment, with an international perspective pro-diversity culture.
Aaron’s main hobby is traveling all over Japan and the world—- especially, back home to Kentucky.
Aaron is active in culture exchange, LGBTQ+/gender equality, and scientific programming circles