person and object counting

Ridge Count


Crowd counting service that can operate at any time of day or night.


  • Can locate and count people even at night.

    People counting analysis, which used to be possible only in brightly lit areas, is now possible even at night when light is scarce, with an accuracy of over 95% and a maximum error within 10-15%.
    This system can be used for nighttime events such as fireworks displays.

  • Real-time monitoring is possible.

    The system can analyze the video captured by the camera in real time and display the results in about 0.2 seconds.

  • Support for smartphone and edge devices

    Ridge-Count can be operated with a variety of devices, including smartphones and Jetsons. No other equipment is required.

  • A device is all you need. Easy to use.

    Smartphones and edge devices work stand-alone. There are no security risks or concerns regarding the location of the installation equipment during deployment.


After the release of crowd counting AI in May 2020, we received a lot of requests such as:

・We would like to use it in places where the shooting environment changes depending on the time of day and weather conditions, such as outdoor events.
・We would like to use it in dimly lit environments, such as inside a store.
・We need to use this kind of person counting technology in an environment where I cannot install a PC.

These are situations where traditional AI-based people counting solutions struggle.

To address this issue, Ridge-i has developed a unique training method to achieve highly accurate people counting technology regardless of the time of day or night. We also developed a system that can be integrated into devices with low power consumption in order to reduce the complexity of installation.

This time, we implemented this technology on Android, so you can use the headcount measurement service day and night, indoors and outdoors, simply with a single smartphone.

Ridge Count is designed to be used in traffic surveys, congestion measurement at outdoor events, human flow analysis and plot planning in commercial facilities, smart cities and urban development, and for DX deployment in factories (suspicious person detection, etc.).


  • 01

    Automating Traffic Surveys with Person Counting

    Counting the number of pedestrians captured by the installed cameras allows automatic traffic surveys to be conducted.

  • 02

    Understanding the flow of visitors at events.

    The system can be operated even at night, providing real-time information on crowded and relatively quiet areas of event sites.

  • 03

    People analysis in commercial facilities and smart cities

    By analyzing the flow of people in commercial facilities, etc., it is possible to find places where many people are staying and places where few people are stopping by, and use this information for marketing purposes.

  • 04

    Digital transformation in factories by detecting suspicious persons

    It can be used to detect intruders around the perimeter of a large site. In addition, the system can also help prevent industrial accidents caused by human error by identifying dangerous areas in a factory.