Ridge-i Co., Ltd.

Business with AI

Ridge-i co., Ltd., in pursuit of the optimal
balance of business and AI technology.




Ridge-i is a business venture that offers consultation and business solution development. Our strength is AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology, particularly Deep Learning, Machine Learning and Reinforcement Learning.

AI’s leading-edge technology, Deep Learning, has vast possibilities for application in real-world business. Our team of experts who have perfect command in both industry and technology will choose the optimal technology combination that matches your real needs and problems. Effective and speedy solutions are implemented through the partnership between major players and our engineers with a high level of expertise. With the corporate vision of realizing “the perfect fusion of technology and business”, we collaborate with Japan’s largest corporations for various projects including demonstration experiments.


Company Name Ridge-i Inc.
Address No. 438, Otemachi Building, 1-6-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0004, Japan
Founded July 29, 2016
Representative Takashi Yanagihara, Representative Director, CEO
Takayoshi Komatsu, Director
Kenzaburo Tamaru, Outside Director
Tatsuhiko Nishimura, Outside Director
Takeo Tochimoto, Auditor
Issei Sugiyama, Executive Officer
Yoshitaka Ushiku, Chief Reserch Officer (Concurrent post)
Employees 26 persons (as of May 2019)
Access Directly connected to Otemachi station, Marunouchi line
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Ridge-i’s average employee age is 29. We have great teamwork and a very bright environment. Ridge-i supports employees to work in a way that suits their individual lifestyle. However, because of this free environment, we are looking for responsible and professional individuals. Our image of a professional is not just to have abundant experience and deep knowledge. A professional is a person who has the responsibility towards the task given, strives with full effort together with other team members to produce outputs regardless of the difficulty. This is the image of the professional we are looking for.

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